How to Make a Cinematic Riser Out of Anything

The right riser can add loads of tension to any song or scene. Here’s how you can use Ableton’s Sampler to quickly turn any sound into a riser.

1. Find a sample, place it into Sampler, reverse it, and set it to loop a small region.


2. Automate the Mod Wheel to change the loop size over time. Shrinking the loop size over time will add to the tension of your riser.

Assign ‘Loop Size’ to the Mod Wheel


Draw an automation for the Pitch & Mod Wheel


3. Add some Frequency Modulation to transform your sound completely. FM can sound very drastic, so I tend to use it only towards the very end of the riser, when the sound is at maximum intensity.


4. Apply Effects like: Grain Delay, Overdrive, Reverb. Don’t be afraid to go crazy with the automations. Here you can really have fun experimenting with your sound!